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Founded in 2013, Ministers of Design has decades of brand and digital agency experience among our team. We have delivered projects for an array of clients, encompassing local businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. Ministers of Design represents the culmination of this rich continuum: we are driven by a fundamental love for quality design, a commitment to excellence at each step of the process, and a belief in the power of measurable results.



America’s infrastructure is vital to the U.S. economy and the Alliance for American Competitiveness has a mission to help people understand just how crucial it is. With thousands of bridges in need of repair, roads in need of attention and facilities in need of upgrade, AFAC hopes to drive public attention to the importance of these infrastructure arteries so that goods and services can move safely and in the most streamlined manner.


Ministers of Design created a compelling and interactive website that effectively informs on AFAC’s key messaging, drives individuals to get involved and coordinates with their other strategic campaigns. MoD delivered a powerful and well received environment that immediately established AFAC as an initiative to be taken seriously.

Equal Justice Works


The mission of Equal Justice Works is to create a just society by mobilizing the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice. In order to better to achieve their goals they needed updated print materials that conveyed the effectiveness of their efforts as well as building a stronger relationship with their community of Lawyers.


Ministers of Design worked closely with the EJW team to produce a series of print materials that included their annual report, gala event invitation and programs, online book, e-card, and related event materials conveying a more streamlined series of informing take aways.

Falvez Energy


A new company moving extremely fast, Falvez Energy wanted a website and deck that put forth the expertise and leadership of their organization to individuals and decision makers across the globe. As facilitators of energy projects in South and Central America and with sites on the rest of the world, the website would need to reach and communicate to multiple targeted audiences.


Ministers of Design put forth a website that exceeded client expectations and continues to evolve with the client. Soon to be in multiple languages is the face for a truly power driven company.

Fat Pete's Barbecue


The idea is simple. Pick your favorite food and make a restaurant out of it. As a lover of BBQ, Jeff Holibaugh wanted a restraint that ruled his passion and his 20 years of experience would serve as the template for what it would become.


Ministers of Design delivered on the barrel for this initiative and creatively produced the name, logos, website design and implementation, brand strategy, messaging content, interior and exterior signage, slogans, t-shirts, hats, and social media support. Basically everything that is the brand, we produced and are extremely proud of. If you have a minute to try their BBQ you will be just as pleased as us.

G Factory


With millions of online gamers focused on a variety of events surrounding competitive play, G-Factory saw an opportunity to connect brands to the wildly attractive age demographic of gamers. Representing their brand effectively online was imperative and letting companies know that they get gamers and how to connect with them required a website that spoke both languages clearly.


Ministers of Design created a wickedly cool online environment that punches through the data associated with online gamers and the opportunity for brands to connect with them. Using both visuals and statistics the site accomplishes the immediate goals of communicating the who what why and how of G-Factory.

My Dog Bowl


Our client wanted to create a service that caters to dog lovers as well as provides them with a sense of community. By providing them doorstep delivery of dog food, dog treats and dog toys as well as similar offerings for cats, he felt he could differentiate his service from competitors by firmly being an advocate of animals and the love we share for them as family members.


Ministers of Design developed and provided a name that would become the service known as My Dog Bowl. MoD then developed a distinct brand strategy that was then applied to all online messaging and touchpoints followed by an initial web environment that allowed My Dog Bowl to successfully attain a valuation of $2.25 million U.S along with their first investor capital. MoD then developed the full ecommerce and brand site for My Dog Bowl which now serves their customers and fans alike.

Nantucket Looms


Nantucket Looms has been making a variety of hand woven items on the island of Nantucket since 1968. Known by the thousands of visitors to the island each summer and located on Main Street, it has been a part of Island culture for anyone that has spent their days on the beaches and their evenings walking the cobblestone streets. With a combination of Island lifestyle and artisanal heritage, Nantucket Looms is positioned for far greater reach in the global market.


Ministers of Design set out to position Nantucket Looms as a national brand in the home lifestyle segment. MoD created a brand strategy that would influence communications moving forward and then created email and promotional messaging that jump started their ecommerce website. MoD also reorganized the website, introduced new graphics, created photo assets and delivered exponential online sales growth within weeks of initiative start.

Purpose Blue


An expert in Mindful Leadership consulting, Laurie Cameron had been working as a consultant and had been delivering top tier support and consulting for Fortune 400 companies around the world, What she wanted was the foundation, legitimacy and reputation that a branded company can deliver and allow her to pool her resources for even larger initiatives.


Ministers of Design created a logo, website and material support that enabled Purpose Blue to do business and position Laurie as a force to be reckoned with. View the site at

Real Clear Radio Hour


The Real Clear Radio Hour was introducing a series of radio programming to radio stations throughout the United States and needed an online presence to help position and inform potential stations about the unique and informative programming as well as allow access to previous content.


Ministers of Design created a website that seamlessly puts forth the who, what and how of the Real Clear Radio Hour in front of prospective audiences and radio stations nationwide. Visitors can download existing programs, learn more about content offerings and contact the client for distribution opportunities.



Red Peg is not your average group of thinkers but a wild bunch of creative types who inject brands into the lives of customers through strategic initiatives. Unfortunately, their existing website was a little stale and did not do justice to who they are and how they do what they do.
They call it experiential branding, we call it in your face effective engagement. For brands they work with, its call results.


Ministers of Design created a cool, informative and representative website for Red Peg. Not only did they love it, but their customers thought it was right on target. We love them for letting us be creative, but for them, it was only natural.

Right Proper Brewing Company


Thor Cheston approached Ministers of Design to assist in positioning and developing a brand concept for Right Proper Brewing Company. Based in Shaw, an area that has historical roots in music and community, Right Proper would be a brewery that served not only food and drink, but the community they are a part of.


Ministers of Design created a brand strategy that firmly positioned Right Proper as not just a drinking establishment but a warm and welcoming place where knowledgeable team members would put forth the charm and history of Shaw. MoD created logos, signage, uniform and packaging designs and the website for Right Proper Brewing Company. These assets have helped Right Proper flourish along with all of their locally brewed beers that have become favorites of the Shaw Neighborhood they reside in.

Ripe Strategic Communications


Ripe is a political and government relations consulting firm based in Washington, DC providing sound guidance for industry firms with an eye on Capitol Hill and and a foot in technology. Their need was to establish a new brand, put forth distinct and pointed messages to specific clients and convey a deep level of expertise and ability as it pertains to advocacy and navigating the federal government.


Ministers of Design delivered the Ripe team their new name, a brand logo, a website and marketing materials in a timeframe the met the aggressive goals and needs to engage their clients.

Team Carney


Carney provides consulting services that optimize organizational behavior, thinking and efficiencies.They needed a website that not only demonstrates their thought leadership and expertise but manifested the efficiencies that they bring with every client deliverable. Messaging clearly to both potential clients and potential employees was essential.


Ministers of Design created a website that provided a solid platform for the client services as well as the myriad of benefits that employees have access to. The HR component of the site is actually as robust as the rest of the site with motion graphics and multiple states to demonstrate the full benefits offerings.

ThunderBay 1636


Lacrosse is a physical, emotional and team oriented sport this is underserved from a clothing and brand lifestyle perspective. The founders of ThunderBay 1636 felt they had an opportunity to dress the young players, speak to the ethos of lacrosse and position themselves squarely as the clothing brand for that sport. Lacking a cohesive ecommerce website as well as coherent brand messaging platform, they reached out to Ministers of Design.


Ministers of Design squarely positioned ThunderBay 1636 as a brand that represents the concept of “Original American Athlete” and focuses on the history and legacy of Lacrosse. MoD created an ownable brand strategy document, redesigned the website, created in-store branding, advertisements, social engagement campaigns and social strategies and delivered an enhanced brand logo that was applied to all of their clothing line. Upon introduction of their new brand image, ThunderBay sold over $16,000 in merchandise and had in excess of 120 social media comments from a single event location.

Practice What We Preach

A great idea is just the beginning. Growing it into a tangible reality comes from dialogue in a myriad of forms – creative engagement meetings with clients, internal brainstorming sessions over takeout, that breakthrough moment that arrives at 3:00 AM. The initial process is not always predictable but we are patient, deliberate, methodical. We are seasoned and focused. We roll with the punches and keep our eyes on the prize – a dynamic, holistic brand identity.

Our expertise is comprehensive, spanning graphic & interface design, user experience design, digital engagement strategies & social media outreach, and print & digital advertising campaigns. Not to mention the ability to execute each on desktop and mobile devices -- iOS or Android, web or native, tablet or TI-83 -- all with pixel-perfect precision. Let us show you how we can engage your audiences, extend your digital identity and strengthen your brand. It’s simple: we define your needs and build effective solutions.


You know great design when you see it. We know how to create it. Potent design requires goal-driven methodology and strategic thinking, along with an intrinsic talent for creating assets that are cohesive, compelling, and on-brand. We know how to elevate your audience’s visual experience, cultivating a consistent, seamless identity across each of your brand’s touch points.


Your target audience is waiting. Are you engaging them? And how can you be sure who they are? MoD develops solutions that are unique, persuasive and most importantly, rooted in comprehensive research and analysis. Our approach ensures that every decision is deliberate and every implementation is precise. Our work isn’t static: we are able to monitor, interpret, and modify your formula so it remains flexible and relevant, even after execution.


Outstanding design deserves flawless execution, that's why every digital solution MoD deploys is based on predefined functional specs. And because we use the latest and greatest web technologies, you can be sure you will reach your users, regardless of screen size or operating system. We know because we test them all before launch. And then we train you to take complete control over managing your web presence. If technology can enhance your brand rather than dilute it, then the design is more effective (you might even think our code is beautiful, too.)


Concerned about SEO? Then let's focus on content. You have a great story. We can help you tell it. We craft concise, powerful messaging for your organization or brand, creating a promise that can be owned by your team and used to captivate your audience. Are pictures worth a thousand words? Maybe. But intelligent brand messaging is priceless.

Creativity Is Our Oxygen

What makes MoD special? A commitment to our craft, a belief in our process, a passion for thoughtful design, and a steadfast determination to do things right. We come from diverse backgrounds, work globally and excel across multiple disciplines. We've been bartenders and bankers, poets and presidential candidates. We surf waves and webs, hypothesize all the hypotenuses and create beautiful solutions.

We are redefining agency for ourselves and for our clients. We welcome a good conversation, new challenges and the opportunity to grow with you. We are Ministers of Design.

  • Russell Hirshon


    "A lifetime of work experience can become a manifestation of creativity. In this case, it would be Ministers of Design. I have always imagined that a creative agency could be a place that is not only satisfying, but creatively extraordinary. An environment where  smart people offer smarter solutions by collaborating together."

    As President and Director of Client Brand Strategy at Ministers of Design, Russell is dedicated to providing the most foundational brand connections between organizations, businesses and products to their audiences.

  • Shannon Flynn

    Director of Client Accounts

    "Those who guide us to our destination are defined by the roads they take." Such can be said for Shannon who leads all of her client projects to completion. Diligent in all of the details and meticulous in project planning, Shannon makes sure our clients are informed, participatory and collaborative in our effort to deliver the best possible solutions. Shannon sees the client relationship as one that is defined by mutual respect and process oriented goals that take us from the start to finish in a methodical manner.

    As a project manager, Shannon will be your voice, advocate and facilitator of great things.

  • Sara Lin

    Design Director

    “Good ideas are conceived in the mind, great ideas begin with a conversation.” As Design Director of MoD, Sara excels at sparking our communal creative thought processes to deliver unique and strategic design solutions. It's not just an exercise but a belief in how better design solutions equate to elegant design implementations that deliver on client goals.

    With almost a decade of agency experience in design, she has become fluent in implementing well-executed projects with particular attention to details. Beginning her career as a product designer, her current expertise extends over the areas of print, packaging, environmental and web design but also extend to a command of everything culinary and may be our next Master Chef contender.

  • Andrew Pascoe

    Technical Director

    Andrew oversees our digital world at Ministers of Design. That includes all web implementations, native application development, social media integration and just knowing what's next - and how to build it. Core to his belief that perfection in code serves as the foundation for the visual systems that convey organizational messaging, he is methodical at creating the most appropriate environments for whatever the deliverable might be.

    After studying Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia he started his career in the financial industry. Focusing on trading analytics while working first in New York and later San Francisco, he excelled as a highly functional cog until realizing he preferred pushing pixels to processing prepayment risk. With an extensive knowledge of web development as well as strategic and analytical acumen, Andrew delivers not only on the technical demands of our projects but also informs the strategic direction that is paramount to the success of our clients.

  • Reginald Baxby III


    More than just a Golden Doodle, Reggie serves as inspiration, playmate and sometimes distraction for our team.  Eight years old, he brings a wealth of energy and stamina, along with unbridled excitement. Don't expect him at any kickoff meetings though, we leave the project work to our human team members who relish sitting at attention.

    Reggie is a graduate of the Potomac Dog Training School with a concentration in wood chewing and a minor in object retrieval.

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